Do you always achieve your goals like you envisioned them?
The answer is most probably no, things change, life gets in the way.

No big deal.

Except, if there is something that gets in the way consistently - to disrupt your life - more powerful than your plans, ideas and thinking.

What is it?  Your Physical Intelligence shaped by sub-conscious patterns. Unbeknownst to you these patterns shape and color every thought, idea, decision you make. They have  more control over your thoughts, decisions and actions than you aware of.
They run your life.


These are patterns that you are born with like Daniel's Dyslexia and shaped throughout your life through your experiences.  Everything that happened to you during your life: Good or bad, but especially the negative, traumatic experiences. They continue to influence your thinking, feeling, decisions and behaviors - unbeknownst to you

Why is that important? The reason that you are not achieving the goals that you are setting for yourself can be deeply ingrained fears or patterns of self-sabotage that you are not aware of.

These patterns impact your career, wellbeing, health and quality of life. All the choices you make, where you live, who you choose as your life partner, who you surround yourself with.

Through tapping into your Physical Intelligence you can become aware of these fundamental qualities of thought that color your thinking. That is the first step to start to take control of them.















Just like in a fractal image our thinking and memory consist of interlocking patterns. Patterns that you are not aware of influence your thinking, feelings and behavior – your decisions and the direction your life takes
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